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Here is a nice explanation. None have it expiring

Posted on: November 8, 2018 at 20:34:45 CT
tman MU
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At the start of next session

A recess appointment expires at the sine die adjournment of the Senate's "next session." Where the President has made a recess appointment between sessions of the same or successive Congresses, this appointment has expired at the end of the session that next convened. Where he has made the appointment during an intrasession recess, however, the duration of the appointment has included the rest of the session in progress plus the full length of the session that followed. At any point in a year, as a result, by making a recess appointment during an intrasession recess, a President could fill a position not just for the rest of that year, but until near the end of the following year. In practice, this has meant that a recess appointment could last for almost two years.

A comparison of two recess appointments during the 108th Congress illustrates the difference in recess appointment duration that results from the timing of appointments. During the recess between the first and second sessions, President George W. Bush appointed Charles W. Pickering to a federal court of appeals judgeship. Several weeks later, during the first recess of the second session, President Bush appointed William H. Pryor to a judgeship on another federal court of appeals. Pickering's appointment expired after less than 11 months, at the end of the second session. In contrast, Pryor's recess appointment would have expired after approximately 22 months, at the end of the first session of the 109th Congress.27 Although the Pickering and Pryor recess appointments were only several weeks apart, Pryor could have served nearly twice as long because his appointment was made during an intrasession recess.

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