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RE: Clarence Gilbert had to be the oldest looking 20 year old

Posted on: November 8, 2018 at 07:37:44 CT
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Clarence Oliver Gilbert, called Tudy by family and friends, has become one of the most sought-after college recruits in the state. And he's only a junior.

The 6-foot-2 guard can't palm the ball and is not an imposing figure on the court at 175 pounds, but he has an effortless shooting motion that produces many long-range strikes. And when teams move outside to stop his 3-point shots, he can drive the lane for layups and resounding slams.

"I had never seen a kid that complete as a player at that age before," said former Rogers coach Wylie Howard, now the boys' coach at South Plantation High. "When he was 12 years old he was capable of playing with adults. He's a special individual, and not just as a player."

The roots of the nickname are vague.

"I can remember I liked the name from a television show when my son was a very young boy," Gwen said. "I can't really recall if I liked it at the time, but it seemed to fit."

"When in a groove he's hard to stop," Burrows said. "And it's hard to tell him to stop. He has great confidence in his ability and continues to work harder to improve his game. Nobody has taught him his aggressive nature on the court. It just comes out naturally."

Many college scouts agree that Gilbert is one of the best junior guard prospects in the state, along with Dooling and Ladarious Holt of New Symrna Beach.

One said, "He has a very good shooting touch and is a great defender. He has the unlikely combination of being very good on both offense and defense. He is a definite major-college prospect."

Said another a scout from the Pac-10, "He's an excellant player that's just stratching the surface. He has the versatility to play wing or point-guard."

"I always thought I'd be a pretty decent player, but never expected to get this much attention," Gilbert said. "It hasn't change changed me, I'm still cool. I stayed focused and concentrate on one game at time.

"My dream since I was 6 years old has been to play in the NBA. "It's every young player's dream to play there. I want to take this as far as it will let me."


Dillard basketball player Clarence Gilbert, a pre-season All-America, has orally committed to the University of Missouri.

Gilbert will join Dillard teammate Keyon Dooling, who commited last week, and Travis Robinson, a 6-foot-7 wing from Mount Zion High in Durham, N.C.

"I knew what I wanted all the time," Gilbert said. "[Missouri) says I will get a chance to start and that's all I can ask for. It's been real crazy, but it's over and now I can concentrate on basketball."

Gilbert had narrowed his list of colleges to Arkansas, Georgia, Michigan State and Missouri.

Several recruiting experts have said the commitments from Gilbert, Dooling and Robinson gives Missouri one of the nation's top five classes.

Gilbert, 6-foot-2 guard, was the Sun-Sentinel Class 4A-5A-6A Player of the Year last season, averaging 23.3 points, six rebounds and three assists.
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