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We really need Mitchell Smith to step up

Posted on: November 7, 2018 at 16:13:58 CT
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The more I look at the roster the more apparent it is that the team really needs solid contributions from Mitchell Smith. I realize most feel like this is a developmental year for the team, but Smith might be one of the guys that no one expects anything from who could make a BIG difference in the success of this team.

Cuonzo clearly feels the same as Mitch got 22 minutes last night and was definitely a significant part of the rotation. Nikko only got 4-5.

There were a couple of plays where I thought Mitchell looked decent and others where he appeared to be a little nervy. It's going to be really interesting to see how he handles the increased minutes. Can he get us 7-8 points a game on a consistent basis? If he is going to be out there for 20-25 minutes then he is going to need to. In limited time as a freshman he flashed more productivity than Nikko did. He wasn't as productive as a guy like Bowers was as a freshman but he was more productive than Safford and even Leo Lyons.

Santos being out early in the year will give him a chance to play and learn without getting yanked out of the game. Hopefully he can avoid fouls and get enough reps to make it worth it.

The game against Iowa State should be a great opportunity for Mitchell Smith.
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We really need Mitchell Smith to step up - BOILERTIGER MU - 11/7 16:13:58
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                    Woods was also a starter, Mitch is a bench player(nm) - MidMoBaller4Life MU - 11/7 16:53:12
                         Correct, he is, and will be, a role player. (nm) - go tigers MU - 11/7 19:08:57
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               He had one. After watching him last night, I think he's - tgr MU - 11/7 16:43:28
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                         You could say the same about Watson’s second half - wu-tangtiger MU - 11/7 16:57:05
     We do need more from him. He certainly looked rusty from - alwaysright MU - 11/7 16:31:45

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