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Not an insider, but I'm sure every school is making the

Posted on: November 7, 2018 at 11:47:40 CT
Mo Texan MU
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strongest case possible for why they're the best fit. Not sure Mizzou or any other school can do much more than that. Bryant is clearly driving the bus and IMO he will choose the school offering him the best path to the NFL-not sure who that is.
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     Sadly he is flirting with everyone - Miami is the new hot - BurgTiger MU - 11/7 13:52:36
     Bryant is a UF lock - Taran_Tiger MU - 11/7 12:21:10
          You are a ****ing idiot...he is not going to Florida. Nm - BandG MU - 11/7 12:38:14
               I just open a cold six-pack of ice cold truth and - Taran_Tiger MU - 11/7 12:48:41
                    I dont care where he goes but it aint Florida... - BandG MU - 11/7 15:09:32
     Not an insider, but I'm sure every school is making the - Mo Texan MU - 11/7 11:47:40
          If he is on a lesser team one might assume that - GA Tiger MU - 11/7 12:19:49
               Playing more and stats are, IMO not as important as - Mo Texan MU - 11/7 12:32:33
                    Could be true if he's in something like the wishbone. - GA Tiger MU - 11/7 12:53:28
               you realize we're one of the better teams competing - Fire Marshall Bill MU - 11/7 12:21:47
                    Maybe in reality..but not necessarily in perception. - GA Tiger MU - 11/7 12:49:32
                         North Carolina, Arkansas, Florida, Louisville - Fire Marshall Bill MU - 11/7 12:51:17
                              Thanks. Not sure where Fla stands in the hierarchy.(nm) - GA Tiger MU - 11/7 13:11:09
     I realize it's normal for players to transfer, but I wonder - Fool on the Hill MU - 11/7 11:43:32
          I would guess one or two of the older kids, but - jumbo73 MU - 11/7 11:49:50
               Understood, and I do hope Bryant chooses MU. It just seems - Fool on the Hill MU - 11/7 11:51:39

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