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the team needs more offensive options

Posted on: November 2, 2018 at 15:53:18 CT
tigerden MU
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Having lost Ciera, and Jordan F, the team is missing some offensive firepower.

Amber wasn’t at her best in the first half, and had foul trouble. Sophie had foul issues too. In the second half Amber was good, and Sophie was Sophie.

Akira provides some offense too, but IMHO we could use Hannah Schucts to emerge as a wing scorer. She’s not really a back to the basket player, but has shown ability to hit shots from behind the 3 point line. Other possibilities I see to provide more offense could be Jordan Roundtree, Haley Troup, or Grace Berg.

The defense was pretty good. Rebounding has to improve and of course turnovers need reduced.

Sophie and Amber are going to have to bring their A game all the time.
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