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Huge SEC VB match tonight...

Posted on: October 31, 2018 at 08:52:48 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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Florida @ Kentucky.

Florida is clearly down a notch or two from last years top 4 national seed and title game finalist. They can be had, as Mizzou showed them in Gainsville. While that was clearly an upset, they were looking shaky even before then, having to go 5 sets to beat both TAMU and Georgia at home and SC on the road. But their size and blocking ability gives them a decent chance on the road against Kentucky.

While it's a long shot, if Mizzou, Florida, and Kentucky all finish 16-2, Mizzou would be the SEC champ, due to better head to head records. Florida would have to beat UK tonight, then lose one more match (likely on the road at either Georgia or Tennessee), and we would have to win out (including at home against UK in a few weeks). That would produce a three way tie at the top, and in the head to heads we would be 2-1, Florida would be 1-1, and UK 1-2. Not likely to happen, but it could start tonight with the Gators giving UK their first conference loss. Should be a great match.

Unlike last year, when they were both top 4 national seeds, Florida and Kentucky are fighting just to get a top 16 seed. Kentucky is in a little better shape, with an RPI of 9 and poll ranking of 11, compared to Florida with a 19 RPI and poll ranking of 12. But UK doesn't really have a signature win. They played a brutal non conference schedule, going 0-4 against Texas, USC, Northern Iowa and Creighton. Their highest RPI win is against 24 Missouri. And they have 5 more wins against teams in the 25-30 RPI range. Depends on how they close the season, but I think UK will likely get a seed in the 10-12 range, and Florida in the 14-16 range. I could see Florida not getting seeded at all if they lose to Kentucky tonight and then drop 1-2 more the rest of the way.

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