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What exactly is her injury and how serious...

Posted on: October 30, 2018 at 10:54:01 CT
bluetiger_ MU
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We really need Garner to contribute this year with Cierra Porter medically retired. While I like many aspects of a smaller, quicker team, even without a true post or power forward type player (like the FGCU team that dismissed us unceremoniously from the NCAA regional last year), we are going to need some semblance of height to avoid getting beaten up inside by teams with more size. A big early test is going to be in the fifth game of the season Nov 23 against Michigan, when we go up against 6'5 Hallie Thome of the Wolverines.

Excited about the team this year though, even with the potentially bad news about Garner. Despite the poor level of competition, Levy looks like the true point guard we have basically never had, and the idea of her setting up the scorers like Sophie, Amber Smith, Troup, Berg, Chavis, and Aldridge is exciting. I think this will be a very fun team to watch, and could easily go 10 deep in significant playing time. It's way more guard heavy than it should be to be successful at a high level in the rugged SEC, which is why we really needed Garner to contribute. Hope she is available soon.
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