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Most American media is a waste of time, due to chronic

Posted on: October 11, 2018 at 14:25:01 CT
raskolnikov MU
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inability to sleep at times, I discovered the BBC on -shocking as it is - my NPR station 12-5 AN. I liked their international take on stuff rather than just US-centric stuff you get on most media.

NPR offers a WIDE SWATH of coverage of all kinds of stuff in addition to high-end excellent political news coverage. They typically go out of their way to being non-partisan or biased and I guess that and their eloquent delivery provides that certain sheen of intellectual superiority from which we in the idle class get such a chuckle. BUT HERE is a list of today's coverage: (This is just All Things Considered today)

Mexico's Morgues Are Overflowing As Its Murder Rate Rises
Hurricane Michael Makes Landfall In Florida As Category 4 Storm
Why Experts Have A Hard Time Predicting A Hurricane's Intensity
Is The Trump Administration Being Too Soft On Saudi Arabia's Crackdown On Dissenters?
Addiction Treatment Gap Is Driving A Black Market For Suboxone
Deadly Limousine Crash In New York Brings Fresh Attention To Safety Regulation Loophole
Mayor Of New Bern, N.C., Discusses How The Town Is Preparing For Hurricane Michael
A Look At Why Stocks Plunged On Wall Street
Wyoming Proposes Its Own Methane Regulations As Federal Level Sees Rules Relaxed

How To Prevent Brain-Sapping Delirium In The ICU

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     ^^^^^ Watches WAY too much television ^^^^ (nm) - raskolnikov MU - 10/11 13:37:35
          It was on every news report, Dipass (nm) - DoltfromSTL MU - 10/11 13:40:57
               Didn't quite make the BBC or the News Hour cuts now did it?(nm) - raskolnikov MU - 10/11 13:44:42
                    Here ya go, Dipass... - DoltfromSTL MU - 10/11 14:36:23
                    Yes, it did (nm) - DoltfromSTL MU - 10/11 14:33:15
                         Jesus NO sense of humor here ever - raskolnikov MU - 10/11 15:17:25
                              Your I'm sophisticated routine is BS - Coors4bob MU - 10/12 01:22:26
                              You are always virtue signaling and think yourself... - DoltfromSTL MU - 10/11 15:39:12
                                   You need to find a sense of humor(nm) - raskolnikov MU - 10/11 15:59:19
                                        You weren't kidding own it You weren't a cool kid in school - Coors4bob MU - 10/12 01:23:38
                    Your choice to only watch/listen to the BBC and NPR does not - DHighlander NWMSU - 10/11 13:51:44
                         And he was wrong (nm) - DoltfromSTL MU - 10/11 14:37:15
                         Most American media is a waste of time, due to chronic - raskolnikov MU - 10/11 14:25:01
     already done. - dangertim MU - 10/11 13:36:11

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