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Are y'all ready to be on the receiving end...

Posted on: October 10, 2018 at 19:51:38 CT
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of a good old-fashioned beatdown? There was a time when Mizzou marched into stadiums as huge underdogs and came out winners, but I really don't expect anything of the kind on Saturday. Why? Because this team just doesn't have the fire and pride to pull off any kind of big upset. By fire, I mean 110% effort coupled with flawless execution and zero mental errors.

Any way Mike Kelly can bring Al Onofrio back from the dead like he did with Bud Wilkinson? We could use him this weekend.
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Are y'all ready to be on the receiving end... - Deputy Dawg MU - 10/10 19:51:38
     Lock would just throw it away at the end....nm. - tigertix MU - 10/11 04:09:31
     Come on Dawg. Had we beat S. Carolina by 14 - Nohawks MU - 10/10 20:35:17
     This may very well he the best team Mizzou has ever faced. - Gary P. MU - 10/10 20:05:34
     Sounds like Tiger Pumper Bill is predicting a Mizzou win... - Fourth and Long MU - 10/10 20:00:43
          Link? Guess I missed that one. - Gary P. MU - 10/10 20:14:00
          I'm zero surprised - Fire Marshall Bill MU - 10/10 20:01:55
     fire and pride, that's it - Fire Marshall Bill MU - 10/10 19:59:28
          Better go find a coach with personality and charisma - samclemens MU - 10/10 20:12:37
               How much charisma did Onofrio have ? - Nohawks MU - 10/10 20:37:42
                    In fact, charisma was allegedly a reason we needed Powers - tigersailor MU - 10/11 05:53:06
                    LOL(nm) - Fire Marshall Bill MU - 10/10 20:38:18
               I see you’ve never spent any time around Odom. - Gary P. MU - 10/10 20:16:08
               people that know him wholeheartedly disagree - Fire Marshall Bill MU - 10/10 20:13:53
                    If that's the case, it sure doesn't seem to influence the - Ohtiger MU - 10/11 06:34:33
          Every week, there's an upset in college football where a... - Deputy Dawg MU - 10/10 20:06:02
               well, like you said, it takes some help from the other side - Fire Marshall Bill MU - 10/10 20:08:34

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