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Maybe he could explain this:

Posted on: October 10, 2018 at 12:45:48 CT
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Representative 2 said she had asked for permission to
send the gifts and that both a former director of athletics ("former director of athletics 1") and the former head men's basketball coach as well as others in the men's basketball office, were aware that she was sending the gifts.

The investigation also revealed that representative 3 had followed a similar practice beginning with either the 2000-01 or 2001-02 men's basketball senior student-athletes. At that time he began sending letters and personal checks of approximately $300 to $400 to each young man to assist them in transitioning to "the real world." Representative 3 stated that the former head men's basketball coach had told him it was permissible to provide "modest" amounts of money to senior men's basketball student-athletes who had either graduated or exhausted their eligibility.

The former head men's basketball coach claimed that he "ran it by the (compliance personnel)" at the institution when asked by boosters whether the provision of such gifts was allowable. Though he claimed that after he got a response from the compliance office he was of the opinion that such gifts were allowable, he could not recall with whom he had spoken or what information was given to him. Neither individual who worked in the compliance office during the relevant timeframe recalled ever having such a conversation with the former head men's basketball coach.

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