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This is the new 'Go-To' item for Democrats. They seem to

Posted on: September 14, 2018 at 16:58:57 CT
RayKinsella1922 MU
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really believe this whole narrative about Trump as somehow less than the hack politicians they've allowed to rule the country in their last two turns at this.

Whether it's the serial rapist Bill Clinton, the treasonous traitorous 'Country for Sale' Secretary of State Hillary or the 'Ram Single Payer Down Our Throats' Manchurian Candidate Soviet operative Obama, they seem to scan the roster and come up finding Trump, among this motley crew as the 'Least like Jesus and therefore unfit for office.'

Of course, when your witch hunt globalist freak show is going badly, and it looks like NOTHING AT ALL can be found despite a proctological exam the likes of which NO previous democrat or republican politician could ever survive, I guess all you've got to fall back on the 'He's not Jeezus, we can't stand this moral turpitude as the leader of our 'High Church of Government', we deserve better!!!

Well, I have answer for that.

No, no you don't.

In fact you leftist have never given us a man better than Donald J. Trump.

If you got what you really deserve, based on the 'moral fiber', character, soul condition, psychological makeup, sociopathic tendencies and IQ of the ones who have come before Trump, someone who the newz would gleefully bury in 200 lbs of whip cream with sprinkles on top to hide the 'essence of shyte' that this human being would be, well, the country REALLY WOULD BE FORCED TO IMPEACH that turd.

As for Trump, he's actually TOO GOOD for liberals and his lack of essential TURDITUDE, the core attribute which defines all the leaders of the left, is the fundamental reason you can't understand him, will never beat him and why he, will never lose his base.

So yuk up the pointless distractions of the witch hunt, the fake newz, and constant screaming at the sky - it's the only political satisfaction you'll get while Trump drains the swamp...

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