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So blocked in that he’s fulfilled or fulfilling more

Posted on: September 14, 2018 at 15:48:20 CT
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campaign promises with greater frequency than any other President in history & has achieved a record breaking economy that’s growing even greater, lol.

The Libs are like weak, tantrum consumed children, who just throw out fantasies & lies to try to shield them from their impotence & ineptitude.

“I’m going to run away & never see any of you again,” screams the 4 year old to his parents after being punished for their transgression (Obama’s 8 years) knowing deep down they have no other opinion but to get in line or the corner & shut their mouth.

Actually, that scenario literally dodnplay out with a bunch of Libs who said they were leaving the country due to a Trump presidency. How did that work out?
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     Nope - Spanky KU - 9/14 15:31:15
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               He would pardon him to shut him up - raskolnikov MU - 9/14 15:28:05

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