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Teahan on not being embarrassed by the

Posted on: August 10, 2018 at 12:44:31 CT
FIJItiger MU
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absurd officiating that cost MU a Big 12 regular season championship and NCAA tourney #1 seed.


After shooting 6 for 14 from 3 in the first half, the Tigers extended their lead to 17 on a 3-pointer by Kim English early in the second. Then Ricardo Ratliffe scored in the paint and it was up to 19. Denmon hit another 3 — the Tigers' eighth of the game — to push the lead back up to 19.

“You know what, I think being down that much at halftime, I think we were really caught off guard," Teahan said.

It started with the dribble handoff — from Johnson to Tyshawn Taylor — and screen to free up a second shooter — Teahan — but neither options were open. Then Johnson looped back around and came off a screen by Robinson, regaining control of the ball with right around 20 seconds left. Johnson drove and sucked in the defense before dishing it to Robinson. Robinson scored at the rim and was grazed by a Missouri defender, which led to him tumbling to the floor and drawing the whistle for a 3-point play.

Years later, you will find people who will argue over whether or not Robinson was fouled on his 3-point play or if it was a slight bump that he sold expertly. You will find plenty who will tell you Taylor wasn't actually fouled on what would be the game-winning free throws in overtime. And yes, you will find a ton of folks ready to go to war over Robinson's block at the end of regulation.

"There were a couple of questionable calls, I think there’s no doubt about that," Teahan said.

“Oh, great block. Great block," Teahan said with a smile. "I know everybody thinks it’s a foul, but it’s like — he let go of the ball. If he would have held on to the ball, I get the foul call."

"That’s just a part of the game, and it happened," Teahan said. "That’s why you play, right?”

There was a chance for ku and Missouri to face off once more, which would have come in the Big 12 tournament.

“We lost to Baylor," recalled Teahan of ku's semifinal outing in the event. "That was frustrating because we knew that would’ve been the ultimate matchup, right?”

"But playing Missouri, it's the biggest rivalry we have, so being able to end it on a high note is really crucial."

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