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why do you think it is mental, GA Tiger?

Posted on: August 10, 2018 at 12:38:57 CT
Gamagrass MU
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I guess it could be, but it seems like an equal chance it is just hand to eye coordination ... basically, brain function ... the reason some guys can hit major leage pitching and some cannot ... mostly, not mental, but physical/brain function.

My bias is that people fail to recongize that some players cannot catch very well, just due to brain function.

It leads coaches to saying players "just need to concentrate on making the catch" ...

Does player who is a step too slow "just need to focus on running faster" ??? nope, they can get a little bit faster for sure, but only to a point ... same with catching a football ... some WR;s will NEVER be able to catch a football very well, not with any amount to concentration or practice...J'Mon was not an extreme case, but we HAVE had extreme cases of fast, athletic guys who could not catch for beans
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