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During the last time ku was on major probation, which

Posted on: August 8, 2018 at 16:21:05 CT
FIJItiger MU
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resulted in nothing from the NCAA:

- A widespread and longstanding ticket scandal is investigated by both the FBI and IRS. The Director of the Williams Educational Fund, Rodney Jones resigns. Charlette Blubaugh, Kansas’ ticket director, resigns. Brandon Simmons, assistant athletics director for sales and marketing, resigns. Jason Jeffries, assistant director of ticket operations, resigns. Ben Kirtland, associate athletic director for development who was ultimately responsible for all of the athletic department’s fundraising activities, resigns. Former ku player Roger Morningstar and father of current player Brady Morningstar allegedly has made over $800,000 through illegitimately re-funneling tickets with his various contacts inside the athletic department over the last 8 years. The ticket scandal leads ultimately to Dana and David Pump, whom former director of summer basketball camp Max Shapiro refers to the brothers as “the Pimps” and alleges they are in the business of “selling players” to various schools. Among the players who played on the Pumps traveling AAU teams are ku signees Mario Chalmers, David Padgett, Omar Wilkes, Tyrel Reed, Elijah Johnson, Jeff Withey, Travis Releford and Brady Morningstar. Prior to accepting the job as Director of Basketball Operations at ku, a position he would hold only for the timeframe that overlapped when his son played at ku, Ronnie Chalmers served as the coach of one of the Pumps AAU teams.

Reports over the years have profiled donors who are dissatisfied with the shrouded Points system Lew Perkins devised, as well as allegations of prime seats in Allen Fieldhouse ending up on online auction sites or in the hands of ticket brokers. ku issues its own self report on the ticket scandal. From their findings a period of at least 8 years approximately 4,000 to 6,000 basketball tickets per year were being improperly distributed, which equates to as many as 300 tickets per game. These tickets that went missing were not nose bleed seats, but some of the very best seats in Allen Fieldhouse. The report also states that on numerous occasions season ticket holders complained regularly about this, being moved back without explanation and then noticing different people sitting in their old seats every game. Neither the ku AD or really anyone at ku appears to have either noticed this bizarre trend of unknown individuals sitting on the front rows or took the time to follow up on any of these complaints despite these being the very seats that surround Lew Perkins when he attends every game in person and which are supposed to be occupied by the big money brokers he is supposed to be on a first name basis with.

Additionally from the report ku paid the husband of Charlette Blubaugh (former associate athletics director of ticket operations) $115,000 as a consultant. Perkins didn't even know Blubaugh was on the payroll. According to the report, "further research must be done to see what, if anything, (Blubaugh) was doing in 2009 and 2010." Kassie Liebsch was a systems analyst working in the KU Athletics ticket office at the time of the ticket scandal and became interim director of ticket operations after Blubaugh resigned. KU associate athletics director Jim Marchiony then deemed Liebsch should be given that role full-time. “There was an extensive investigation done,” Marchiony said, “and the results of the investigation indicate that Kassie was not involved in the kind of behavior that the others were involved in.” Less than 6 months later five former employees at the University of Kansas are indicted on federal charges. Among them is Kassie Liebsch. Despite recently stating he would remain at ku through the end of the year, Lew Perkins abruptly resigns. In spite of this being a textbook case of Lack of Institutional Control as defined by the NCAA, and despite the FBI/IRS doing all the investigative work for them, the NCAA never looks into the matter. There is no attempt to collect the missing money.
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