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Frank Haith takes a pay cut

Posted on: August 8, 2018 at 08:40:49 CT
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On Tuesday morning, a literal dark cloud hovered above the building that houses the office of University of Tulsa athletic director Derrick Gragg.

Specific numbers aren’t known, but recent budget cuts have affected all aspects of TU’s operation. In an effort to avoid a reduction in services for student-athletes, Gragg said, Hurricane football coach Philip Montgomery, men’s basketball coach Frank Haith and Gragg himself all have accepted pay cuts.

At the major-college level, this could be unprecedented — that a football coach, men’s basketball coach and an AD simultaneously and willingly absorbed salary reductions for the sake of the greater good of a money-starved school’s sports programs.

“Basically, the budget reductions to me are a microcosm of what’s going on, not just at TU but across the country at a lot of different places,” Gragg said. “We’re like a lot of other athletic departments — we’ve been asked to tighten our belt.

“We approached it with a combination of things. We did have some budget reductions. We did have some head-coaching salary reductions. My salary has been reduced the past three years. That’s the way we’ve dealt with some of that. You don’t want to negatively impact the student-athletes in any way.”

When Haith was hired in 2014, he agreed to an annual compensation of $1.3 million. Montgomery is believed to be near or at that same salary. What was the amount of their pay cut? Gragg did not specify.

It was believed five months ago that a contract extension for Haith was imminent. On Tuesday, Gragg would not discuss the status of that extension.

“I am grateful to our head coaches who volunteered pay cuts this year as part of this effort. They are among many TU employees who have tightened their belts as part of our commitment to students.”
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Frank Haith takes a pay cut - FIJItiger MU - 8/8 08:40:49
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          except the article stated that an extension for Haith was - Yosa125 TAMU - 8/8 09:19:03
               No, it said one was imminent 5 months ago - MidMoBaller4Life MU - 8/8 09:20:50
                    yep you're right. I still think he's safe, especially after - Yosa125 TAMU - 8/8 09:24:26
                         He'll be looking to jump (nm) - pinkman MU - 8/8 10:40:36
                         Probably so(nm) - MidMoBaller4Life MU - 8/8 09:43:21

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