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Tigers in the Minors

Posted on: August 7, 2018 at 15:53:20 CT
TigerMook MU
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Sick of seeing that thread below so updating some stats of the fellas in the minors.

Ryan Howard- Richmond, AA, .266/.334/.376, 3HR, 16E
Jake Ring- Frederick, A Advanced, .194/.310/.284, 3HR
Brian Sharp- Brooklyn, A Short, .264/.328/.391, 3HR
Robbie Glendinning- West Virginia, A, .280/.321/.420
Trey Harris- GCL Braves, Rookie, .297/.432/.426, OHR
Brett Bond- AZL Angels, Rookie, .234/.279/.266, OHR (he also pitched 1/3 of an inning, got an out)

Tanner Houck- Salem, A Advanced, 6-11, 4.29ERA, 97K, 99H
Cole Bartlett- Kane County, A, 3-2, 3.98ERA, 68H in 61IP
Reggie McClain- Modesto, A Advanced, 3-10, 5.33ERA, 82K, 103H
Andy Toelken- Missoula, Rookie, 0-2, 3.72ERA, 24H in 24IP, 15K
Michael Plassmeyer- Everett, A Short, 0-1, 2.70ERA, 30K in 16IP
Gio Lopez- GCL Marlins, Rookie, 1-0, 6.70ERA, 7K in 6.2IP
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