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The PGA Championship is the strongest field of all the

Posted on: August 6, 2018 at 13:26:22 CT
Zouminator MU
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Majors & all other PGA Tournaments. The 100th PGA Championship has the strongest field in all of golf.

Town & Country is one if the Top 3 wealthiest cities in Missouri with Huntleigh Manor & Ladue in St. Louis being the other 2.

“bullet proof vest” is laughable. On top of it the area is a top level security zone with Homeland Security & the National Guard along with multiple local police agencies.

You can’t get within 2.5 mile radius of Bellerive, unless you are a resident or ticket holder.

Besides St. Louis doesn’t even have the highest amount of crime in the state of Missouri. That title is in the west of the state.

Over a 1000 media from all over the world, attendees from all 50 states & over 200 countries seem to not have any concern whatsoever.

Tiger arrived last night at Spirit of St. Louis Airport in Chesterfield with his dog at approx 8:15 & Ricky Fowler around 9:10. They were excited as heck to be in St. Louis. They are in Clayton at the Ritz Carlton

Davis Love on Bellerive:

“Davis Love III was out the door at The Broadmoor in Colorado last month, rushing to a tee time at the U.S. Senior Open. But he paused momentarily and cracked a smile at a mention of the PGA Championship at Bellerive Country Club. “I’m hoping to be there, for sure,” he said.

“And as he paused, he offered one other prominent consideration: “I love that golf course,” he added, “absolutely love it.”

In ‘92, St. Louis & Bellerive broke all attendance & merchandise sales records for the PGA achampionship in history & are poised & expected to do it again. In 2008, the BMW Championship at Bellerive had 3x the attendance as the year before in Chicago.

The Four Seasons in downtown St. Louis sold out weeks ago.

Embassy Suites & every hotel in St. Charles is sold out & everywhere else in between.

Sounds like someone is awfully sheltered & doesn’t have any idea what they are talking about. You have made it clear you know absolutely nothing about golf & major sporting events.

Carry on looking spiteful, filled with self defeating pettiness & incredibly diminutive & foolish.
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