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It’s really 2 factions for the most part. Older members

Posted on: July 29, 2018 at 19:24:41 CT
TigerMoods18 MU
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feeling inconvenienced, for good reason, by not being able to use the course & club for a Summer & the PGA has really turned up security & logistics around the areas surrounding the course this time around for the weeks leading up & during the event, vs the younger members who are psyched.

What happens is after the course rebounds from the extreme use of the Tournament & an additional handful of years & passes, most are excited or, at least, interested in having another PGA event & keeping Bellerive’s legacy continue to grow.

Also, those that have some negative sentiments end up having the time of their lives during it.

It is a huge commitment by all, in terms of inconvenience from regular membership activity, but many find it so cool & fascinating to see the course & club transformed into a massive PGA village/city of sorts right before their eyes over the course of more than a year (PGA offices were placed adjacent to the clubhouse & membership parking in late March 2017) & then exponentially in the 4 months leading up to the Tournament.

Think Bellerive will be integral in hosting PGA events going forward. Any question regarding being land locked (& it already is a long course) & the need for adjustments can be potentially addressed with Hunter Farms being contiguous with some of the grounds.

The leadership (Club & City) will not let the opportunity they’ve created go for not, imo, & I am closely involved you might say.
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