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the problem was he actually didn't set aside his rampant

Posted on: July 12, 2018 at 23:39:25 CT
blake1771 KC
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he was the lead investigator on the Clinton examination by all accounts.

That investigation, according to my own experience, according to the IG report, and according to anyone with an ounce of common sense was handled improperly and not in accordance with good or established investigative practices.

we can discuss at length, AGAIN, the myriad ways in which this case was intentionally fumbled. And make no mistake,the improprities in this investigation were purposeful.

compare the manner in which they handled that case with kid gloves vs the manner in which they have aggresively investigated Trump and his satellites.

There is no way a reasonably intelligent person can look at the two cases and not see the differences in the investigators' tactics.

nobody is saying he manufactured evidence or lied on a case report or planted evidence.

and while his bias in text, on his gov't phone, was blatant the bias in his actions was much more nuanced but make no mistake it was there.

it takes a lot of hubris to claim you have conducted a thorough, impartial, investigation when you never examine the server, when you are part of a team giving out immunity for no reason, when you are allowing destruction of evidence, when you allow people under investigation to represent one another and to sit in on one another's interviews, when you draft the exoneration letter months in advance and change even that to soften the blow to both HRC and Obama and then to never ask Clinton about intent in her interview.

going back to Strozk, he is a fool. he's investigating HRC for FOIA and FRA violations and mishandling of classified information. all the while he is using his gov't phone imporoperly and according to the IG was using his personal iphone to imessage with page about the investigations.

in addition he's a counter-intel guy. Trump is being investigated and part of that included the possibility he's opened himself up to blackmail with the golden shower affair. all the while strozk himself is involved in an extra marital affair and is thus opened himself up to compromise.

and lastly nobody would care if bank robbery detail Strozk had rampantly biased political views b/c they wouldn't be germane to the investigation.

but Strozk was HEAVILY involved in HRC, Trump-FBI, Flynn and Mueller investigations all of which are highly charged political affairs. Even the appearance of impropriety could have and still might derail any criminal proceedings that result from these investigations.

if i were a defense attorney i'd hammer him in court. he's really quite useless to a prosecutor and he'd be gold to a competant defense attorney.

frankly, Strozk is a f'n idiot for NOT recusing himself. And he deserves the sh8tstorm he's in b/c he did taint the investigation and he did bring discredit upon himself and the FBI.

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