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Biggest thing to watch early on tomorrow

Posted on: January 12, 2018 at 19:59:38 CT
itznotwillis MU
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How much will the refs let Arky get away with. We know more than anybody that they could call a foul against Mike Anderson coached teams every time down the court.... but refs don't like the boos they get when they call the hand checks, which is why his teams always excel at home. If they call it tight we have a shot. Otherwise I have a bad feeling Geist and TP will hand the ball to them.
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Biggest thing to watch early on tomorrow - itznotwillis MU - 1/12 19:59:38
     It is REALLY difficult to hang around a place with such - raskolnikov MU - 1/12 20:31:13
          Have you ever seen a foul with absolutely NO contact? - GA Tiger MU - 1/12 21:09:14
               Of COURSE I have - raskolnikov MU - 1/13 08:51:28
          You have your head in the sand if you don't think the way - itznotwillis MU - 1/12 21:00:58
               He even says that players should react to the way - alwaysright MU - 1/12 22:32:03
                    Makes sense to me.(nm) - GA Tiger MU - 1/13 08:57:13
          Hell we eased off so much we didnt even touch'em in the - MU-TULSA MU - 1/12 20:43:50
     Not a good match up for us the way our guards handle - MATO MU - 1/12 20:10:47
          RE: Not a good match up for us the way our guards handle - stl0404 MU - 1/12 21:12:37
          Last team to pull that - we beat handily - raskolnikov MU - 1/12 20:32:13

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