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Just rewatched MU-Arky, first half so hard to watch

Posted on: June 18, 2017 at 18:16:12 CT
TigerAviator16 MU
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But second half reminded me why I love this team. Frazier was an absolute beast the whole game. One thing I noticed is that Cam Hilton played very little or not at all in the second half. The guy is a good receiver but he is a massive liability on defense. Can't wait for this season, we will go bowling.
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Just rewatched MU-Arky, first half so hard to watch - TigerAviator16 KC - 6/18 18:16:12
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     Hilton would be a great flag football safety. - Deputy Dawg MU - 6/19 10:59:04
          Yeah, I feel bad for him because he just is not a - TigerAviator16 KC - 6/19 11:02:55
               I think he is a great student athlete who try's hard. Nm - Eastside Tiger MU - 6/19 12:15:18
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          He was def slingin it (nm) - TigerAviator16 KC - 6/19 09:45:06
     Do you think any true Freshman will be impact players? - Eastside Tiger MU - 6/18 22:39:24
          Some defensive linemen are going to get that chance - samclemens MU - 6/19 06:42:05

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