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Poker trip report Vegas last weekend

Posted on: September 27, 2016 at 10:48:33 CT
TigerPiper MU
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Stayed at Cosmo. No room there. Played first session 9 am-1 p.m. Friday at 1-3 Aria. 2-5 started about 1030, but the table was good.

Had position on aggressive guy trying to act drunk. I was up $600 and ran KK into his AA all in preflop but ended up winning $50.

I played the rest of my sessions at Bellagio. That night I played 5-10. Bought in for $1000. First hand I am in cutoff with KQdd. Middle position raise to $30. One caller to me.

Flop is 10,8, 3 with two diamonds. Raiser bets $80. Fold. I raise to $240 and he calls.

Turn is Ah. Check to me and I shove. He folds, and after the session asked what I have. I told him and he said he had JJ. I thought the A was about the best card I could see for bluffing as it hit all my nut flush range, and if called I still had at a whole mess of outs. I think I ended up $500 that session.

Played a couple more sessions at 5-10 at Bellagio. One the middle of the night Saturday, and one Sunday morning. Played 2-5 there the afternoon on Saturday. All pretty short sessions. I'd say the 5-10 appeared to be all regulars, and the 2-5 was soft tourists. Nice place to play.

You get $2/hour comps, but can't use your card to access them- have to get a comp written by the front desk. That's stupid.

Lost sports bets 3 and 5 so gave some back there.

If you can play 2-5 in KC, you can play 5-10 in Vegas, and you can roll 2-5 (at least from limited experience).

Had a good time at the Caesar's cigar bar Saturday afternoon. There was a free bulleit tasting session, and I bought all our other drinks with Harrah's comps (you can use the card there.) The Bulleit guy gave us a flask and a cigar holder that looked like silver dildos, so I left those in the room because I thought security would look up my butthole if I tried to board with them.

Then I found $1000.

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Poker trip report Vegas last weekend - TigerPiper MU - 9/27 10:48:33

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